Mine Design Services

Reserve Delineation & Evaluation

Our engineers and associates have first-hand experience in developing new and expanding current successful mine opportunities in the United States and Mexico. A great deal of our experience includes dealing with the regulatory authorities in Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana. We are capable of performing any level of assistance with initial property control issues and bonding assessments through reserve delineation drilling programs and geologic model development, including reserve & overburden structure and quality. We have direct experience with many different modeling systems, including Mincom, Minex, Vulcan, and Carlson.

Mine Planning

Engineering Resources LLC can assist with or handle completely each step of the mine planning activities from reserve delineation and evaluation in terms of quantity and quality up to final reclamation and bond release activities. These activities include, just to name a few, mine layout for reserve maximization, pit layout for operational efficiency, equipment selection with cost analysis and scheduling, production and reclamation scheduling.