Civil Design Services


The engineers and technicians at Engineering Resources LLC have the experience necessary to provide our clients with designs for their general civil projects and mining civil projects that are created with not only overall construction cost in mind, but to comply with the requirements of the regulatory agency. Engineers experienced in project development can provide innovative, efficient designs that are focused on your individual project development. This can lead to significant savings in the project’s construction cost and avoid unforeseen pitfalls that can affect project completion. This is even more evident when the designs must pass the scrutiny of the regulators. Without knowledge of the expectations of the various agencies, time will be lost in the approval process which can lead to unforeseen project development costs.

Mining Civil Design

In our mining civil design area, our expertise includes design of infrastructure facilities such as sedimentation ponds, diversions, haul roads, and access roads. Reclamation projects including permanent impoundments, stream restorations, erosion control structures and permanent structures as part of bond release submittals. Ancillary projects such as flood studies, county and state highways and rail spurs.



General Civil Design

Our general civil design professionals have experience in development and design for residential and commercial sites, city, county and state street and highway design and construction, industrial development and rail spur design.